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The Athlecia concept is tailored to meet the high demands of the modern woman, her active multifaceted lifestyle and her environmentally conscious mindset.

Our Athlecia collection is a range of utility fashion items for women. A mix of feminine sportswear and casual clothing developed within a multi-functional design universe, where each style is carefully engineered to serve multiple purposes.

We are specialists, when it comes to combining high quality, functionality, affordability and fashionable timelines while keeping the clothing truly comfortable for our customers to wear. We do however always feel that comfort should go beyond just the physical feeling and can be carried on to a ’peace of mind’ as well. Knowing that the garments we wear have been produced responsibly is key. By rethinking the entire traditional design and production process, we are constantly taking steps towards improving all aspects of our procedures.

Strategic sourcing: We conduct strategic sourcing, which means we consider social and environmental issues when selecting our materials. Additionally, our manufacturing units are located with the aim to minimize our environmental footprint.

Less water: Clothing production is known to take a toll on the water resources. Our suppliers manage their use of water responsibly through waste-water systems to continuously lower their water usage.

Zero waste: We are focused on reducing waste, by using left-over fabrics from garment production for manufacturing accessories. The plastic used in our packaging stems from recycled materials to make sure that we reuse already existing resources; and all paper for our carton boxes are verified through a recycling system license, to assure the paper can be reused after end use.

All these new initiatives on the Athlecia collection are inspiring our team mates on all other brands, ensuring a steady progress in ethical decision making throughout the company which we are immensely proud of.