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Cristiano Ronaldo's successful career is the result of dedication, extreme talent and a commitment to high calibre play. CR7 products are modelled after these essentials. We use quality materials for structure, breathability and versatility. Whether on the field, or watching a game from your couch, our designs perform the job they were built for - with style and comfort.


The CR7 Underwear collection combines modern fashion and absolute quality. New York based fashion designer, Richard Chai, and long respected Danish manufacturer, JBS Textile Group, have fused their vision and talents together to produce expertly made and visually appealing products catering to men of all ages, all over the world. The CR7 brand celebrates individuals who, from the seat of their pants like Cristiano Ronaldo, strive to make positive contributions to the world around us, every day.


JBS Textile Group, established in 1939, are leading underwear manufacturers in Scandinavia. Longevity has come to JBS because of their passion and commitment to four core values; comfort, quality, innovation and individuality. The CR7-US brand is unique in that it merges the celebrity of world renowned soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, with evolving styles, materials and solid design. At CR7-US, our history and experience are an assurance of quality - that's our commitment to you.