Elite Lab

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Elite Labs products are well suited for all runners - regardless of their level.
Thanks to their functional cuts and light materials, Elite Lab meets all requirements. Their development of smart pocket features for gels, mobiles and other belongings making their tights unique are especially high in demand.

Elite Labs Story

Sports clothing from Elite Lab is designed and developed in Denmark.
They are focused on product innovation and using the latest technologies in functional sports clothing.
They offer a wide range of different products made from durable materials and designed with comfort, price, and functionality in mind.
Elite Lab strives to offer you the best quality, price and functionality in the market which is evident when you start using their equipment.


Elite Lab Activewear Brand Banner


Elite Labs Products

Elite Lab are incredibly talented at making use of new technology and knowledge which makes it possible to produce products which improves your running experience and at the same time takes part in reducing global warming.
By combining technical and natural fibres, Elite Lab has managed to create a lightweight materials with superb durability which enables you to keep dry throughout your runs.
In addition, the fabric construction in the clothing is developed with an extra durable surface to extend the life of the products.


Elite Lab Activewear Brand Banner

Developed by Experts & Top Athletes


All products are tested and developed in close cooperation with the Elite Lab Test Team.
This team consists of very experienced athletes contributing with their knowledge and experience.
Products are tested by exposing them to severe challenges. In this way Elite Lab ensures a constant optimization of their products so they can always offer you the best running experience.